The Importance Of Decoration: How To Choose Accessories For The Home

Like us, our houses go through different stages and moments. These changes, however disparate, always reflect our personality and our life moment.

Whether for a move, a need for change or just because … all at some time we have raised the need to change furniture, rooms, colors, and, above all, decorative elements.

As in everything, fashions have marked the different styles over the years. We all remember the houses of our parents loaded with small and disparate figures. Currently, we prefer home decorative elements more practical and more comfortable to keep clean; We did not spend as much time at home as before, we like to enjoy more of our free time, and our houses have to help us.

The choice of furniture is always less clear: It will always depend on the dimensions of the house, the family members or the concept of home we have. The decoration is something more special where we put personal care.

A memory of an unforgettable trip, a family photo, a unique gift, a painting painted by the little one of the family, a sculpture seen in our favorite television series … The small details are what mark our personality and that of our home.

Importance Of Interior Decoration

As we all know the interior decoration in a house is fundamental in any architectural object, since the ribbon is the only one that is responsible for complementing the entire structural design of the property itself, making the architectural design look much better and be pretty showy

The interior decoration of a home is essential, since this is what actually shows the creativity and personality of a person as such, but it is necessary to know that despite everything the decoration must be in harmony with both the style as with the functionality of the house, in such a way that each space can handle its language and identity.

A person before starting to decorate your home must know how to handle, combine and choose the right furniture, colors, and textures, as well as manage their creativity very well that allows you to obtain excellent harmonious and elegant results; you must know how to contrast the lighting with the design of the home.

The Importance Of Lighting In The Home

In the “science” of interior design, lighting is critical, and interior designers know it. These propose to play with both the position of the light source and with the type of bulb, colors, white (colder) or yellow (warmer) light, the height of the point of view, its inclination, … All This leads to a state of mind that can help us develop or feel what we want in each room of the house. We could say that lighting is the central axis of all right decoration and to be able to illuminate correctly we must start from a general base and add points of light. For example, starting from generally white light and placing small points of warmer light depending on what we want to achieve in the room and play with the sensations. In a dining room or living room, it is essential to have at least 2 points, a white one for when there are guests or meetings, and a warm one for when we watch television and want to relax.

Important things that must be taken into account, and of which we have not yet spoken, are the shadows. All light has its shadow, and we must ensure that it is projected in the right place or, if we prefer, to avoid it. For this, the strength of the beam of light and its inclination play a fundamental role.